Students choose to add DRAMA classes to their lives

Add DRAMA to the story of your life!


Drama 1 (class photo)

Daniel Ocasio, Staff Writer

Have you ever wanted to act? If so, Drama 1 and Drama 2 courses will help you develop your talent.

Students have the opportunity to enroll in both drama classes: Drama 1 and 2.Ai?? Students must complete Drama 1 before moving to Drama 2.

In the Drama 1 course, students read classic plays (such as The Miracle Worker and Brightened Beach Memoirs) and have improvisational games to improve self confidence. Each year, there is approximately 20 students in each class. Drama courses have evolved over the years, depending on the overall personality of the students. Each individual gets a chance to show off his or her talent by playing improvisational games.

ai???Drama class helps with studentai??i??s shyness and self-confidence,” said Batt.

Batt has been teaching drama courses for 21 years. She is helping to make an impact on many students’ lives. More and more students come out of their shell to explore their abilities and discover their own hidden talents in the drama courses.

ai???Drama feels like a family,” said senior Danielle Wintz, a Drama 1 student.

In the past, the drama classes would go on field trips.Ai?? One trip was to the University of Scranton, where free plays would be held for the class to watch. Unfortunately, due to budget constraints, these trips were cancelled.

C121 is the drama room, which is where students may speak to Batt about questions they may have regarding the drama courses. Students may also contact Batt by email atAi??[email protected]