Students express themselves on Class Quilts


Isabella Pretell, Staff Writer

This year at SHS, each class will be decorating Class Quilts for their respective grade. The idea is to get students from every class more involved with school and to spread school spirit.

Senior Carol Melo, Student Government treasurer, came up with this idea over the summer and began talking about it with the other student government members like junior Keyanna Safforld, senior Kelsey DeSchriver and Ms. Jennifer Batt, the junior class adviser, at the beginning of this school year.

The quilts will be white and twin sized, so they can be decorated by the students of their class easier. Students will be able to decorate the quilts by signing them or drawing on them.

They will be hung in the hall by the cafeteria, and will be given to the class presidents as a thank you gift at the end of the school year.

“It’s a way to incorporate people in school, and to promote school spirit,” said Melo.

Safforld is excited about the project, as well.

“It’s a way to make your mark on the school,” said Safforld.

DeSchriver hopes the quilts will, make the school a more colorful and welcoming place.

Student Government will soon announce details on when and where to meet to begin decorating. They hope to have all three quilts completed before Christmas.

All of the people involved welcome new ideas, and they encourage others to help with the project.

Students interested in getting involved should contact any of the following people:

Mrs. Batt- [email protected]

Keyana Safforld- [email protected]

Carol Melo- [email protected]

Kelsey DeSchriver- [email protected]