Should Stroudsburg offer an SAT prep course?


Daniel Burden, Staff Writer

Middle of junior year is here, thinking about college? Scoring well on Tests? Your Future?

How are you preparing yourself for the SATs?

SATs are a test of a student’s academic skills, used for admission to US colleges. For many students who want to go continue their education, SATs are a test they should take.

There are many paid and free online courses to help students familiarize themselves with the content and style of the test. These sites offer daily practice questions and multiple scheduled timed practice tests. Bellow are a couple of sites. There are also private and open classes taught by teachers. Generally these are 10-12 week programs leading up to a test.

Most students and teachers have the belief that an SAT course should be implemented in the school. English teacher Miss Shari Griswold believes that we should have an SAT prep course, ai???I would like a second semester sophomore prep class and first semester junior prep course that is an elective, one you could take it if you would likeai???.

This class could help benefit students if they are planning to attend college and want to improve. Junior Shane Balgobin agrees, ai???Yes, a SAT prep course would help familiarize and prepare me and many others for this testai???. Additionally, since many schools look at SAT scores, Miss Griswold thinks, ai???If your planning on attending college, this is absolutely beneficialai???.

So should Stroudsburg offer and SAT prep course? Comment below!


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