Monroe Conservation Camp offers week-long outdoor adventure


Ethan Jones, Staff Writer

When you look outside, what do you see — zooming cars?  Buildings with bustling parking lots?  Do you see deer grazing in the schoolyard, or trees swaying in the wind?  If you see the former of the two options, then the Monroe Conservation Camp is for you.

The camp itself runs for one week, from Saturday, July 21, to Saturday, July 28, 2018.  Students at the camp are encouraged to learn to appreciate the natural world we live in.  Activities include but are not exclusive to-canoeing, camping, archery, and wildlife management.

“We learned how to row in a canoe and then went on a river trip,” senior Kristen Dougher.  “It is an amazing program and I look at nature completely differently now.”

The Monroe Conservation District, from which the camp is allowed to run, is a subdivision of the Pennsylvania State government, mandating and enforcing environmental laws within its boundaries. Pennsylvania itself has 66 conservation districts, one in each of the counties, except Philadelphia.

“Students from Monroe take priority,” said Roger Spott, the Environmental Education Coordinator, “but if there is space available we can take in students from other counties.”

The camp costs a total of $200. If you gain a sponsor the cost drops to $75, and if a teacher has you selected, you get to go to the camp for free.

If you wish to send an application, visit and click on Conservation Camp Application.