A duck and her family temporarily take over the courtyard


Daniel Burden, Staff Writer

As many of you may have seen, SHS adopted a duck — at least for a little while.

Recently, the courtyard near the lunchroom has been closed due to our little feathered friend. She sat in the corner along the hallway between the lunchroom and business hallway. If you were lucky enough to peak out the window along the hallway, you would have seen the duck cuddling in her nest.

Just recently, the duck’s eggs hatched. Mr. Pat McGeehan, SHS’s head custodian, stepped in to take care of the duck and her chicks. He provided them with water as well as security; he literally locked off the courtyard so nobody would disturb the feathered family.

This past Wednesday, under the direction of Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, the ducklings and their mother were relocated. Once together, A Wildlife representative, Ms. Barb, and McGeehan released the ducks into a calm part of the stream behind the baseball field. One of the ducklings was not as strong as the others so Ms. Barb, took her to the rehabilitation center to nurture the chick until she was strong enough to live on her its own.