Kettle Creek Environmental Center Offers Outdoor Adventure and Education


Isabella Pretell, Staff Writer

Kettle Creek Environmental Center is a legal subdivision of state government, they are responsible for carrying out federal, state, and local programs to ensure that water resources remain pristine.

“Monroe County Conservation District fills many roles and the staff all wear many hats, but the one constant is that we all care deeply about the protection of the natural world around us and do everything we can to protect the resources,” said District Manager Mr. Adam Schellhammer.

Here in Pennsylvania, you can find 66 conservation districts. They are located in every county, except Philadelphia. They were established by the county commissioners in 1947 and are one of the oldest Conservation District in the state.

Monroe County Conservation District is having a Conservation Camp for ages 14 – 18 (including this year’s high school graduates). The camp is from Saturday, July 14 – Saturday, July 21.

At this camp teenagers will find conservation related programs, such as hands-on activities, highlighted with a two-day (26 mile) canoe trip down the Delaware River.  While on the trip, leaders will present programs covering river ecology, water quality, and history of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. 

If teens choose to attend, they may experience bald eagles, otters, deer, and other wildlife. They can also take place in the confidence course, where campers are challenged on a challenging ropes course. Then when all the camp activities are concluded, a Family Day will be held for all the campers.

On the last day Saturday, July 21, the campers and their families gather for lunch and a ceremony to recognize the achievements of the campers throughout their time at the camp.

“Whether it is implementing federal permitting programs or educating the children of Monroe County, it is all dedicated to serving the citizens of Monroe County, as well as anyone living downstream that relies on clean water,” said Schellhammer

Here are other educational programs that will be held at Kettle Creek:

Bug Fest – Bug Fest is a celebration of insects! It’s great fun for families with children ages 4 – 12! This annual festival will be held on Saturday, July 7, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Kettle Creek Environmental Education Center.

Lillianna’s Nature Discovery Area Saturdays –  A Nature Discovery Area is a designated outdoor area designed to allow children of all ages to have a safe, fun and natural area to explore. It will be held August 4 and September 8.

But if those don’t catch one’s eye, don’t worry. There are 166 acres available to explore from sunrise to sunset any day of the week. There are numerous trails to hike on as well as two ponds, fields, and forests to discover.

While Kettle Creek doesn’t offer jobs for high school students, they do welcome volunteers.  As well as college internship program for those interested.


For those who are interested in programs and/or activities,

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District ManagerAdam Schellhammer –  [email protected]

Environmental Education Coordinator, Roger Spotts – [email protected]

Environmental Educators;

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