SHS utilizing social media to help students and staff communicate


Bryanna Morykan, Staff Writer

What many teachers feel is hurting students may actually be the key to promoting Stroudsburg High School.

When it comes to the topic of social media, people often either love the idea of it or hate it. When asked if social media is beneficial in promoting our school, our principal Mr. Jeffrey Sodl says, “Absolutely!”

In today’s world, social media has become a crucial part of how people communicate in general, so it would only make sense that the Stroudsburg Area School District stays up-to-date.  

The district often uses social media in a variety of ways to communicate with the entire school community.  The district’s Facebook posts inform students and parents of activities and clubs; many clubs and sports teams, such as football and cheer, have created Instagram accounts to keep their members up-to-date.  Social media has become a way to communicate and spread information.

“I try my best to get information out quickly, but sometimes it gets overwhelming for one person,”  says Sodl.

Mr. Sodl admits to being the only person that runs the SHS Facebook page.  He hopes to get a few helpers (students volunteers?) to help get the news out as efficiently and as effectively as possible.

At SHS, the administration would like to continue expanding its social media avenues. 

“I’ve been hoping to expand to Twitter – maybe it would help students,” says Sodl.

“If it (social media) was promoted more, people would be more involved and prepared for things that will occur,” says sophomore Nicole Bellesfield. “Our schools social media accounts are helpful depending on what you’re looking for.” 

Overall, at SHS, students and staff seem to feel that social media provides students and staff to communicate more easily, which is beneficial for all involved.