Stroudsburg Area School District implements new safety measures

Jasmyn Sanchez, Staff Writer

The Stroudsburg Area School District is constantly implementing new measures to ensure and improve the safety of Stroudsburg students. These measures include canine searches, revised lock down drills, more security guards, as well as others.

In previous years, lockdown procedures required students to huddle up in a corner of the classroom. Now, the SASD has partnered with the A.L.I.C.E. (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate) Training Institute. This organization provides in-person training sessions for the district on how to proactively deal with a possible shooting event.

In addition, the SASD hired more armed security officers. These security officers are required to go through extensive training during the summer to earn the privilege of becoming a school security officer.

To ensure the safety of the students, the SASD makes an active effort to verify that its schools are drug-free. Canine searches are conducted in the beginning of every year. According to Principal Jeffrey Sodl, there will be more canine searches throughout the school year.

If students are caught with drugs, they face legal consequences or disciplinary action. These disciplinary actions can include suspension and even arrest.

“Canine searches are a positive policy since they ensure the safety of our students,” says Sodl.