Flamingos fly through SHS, “Interact” with students


Anthony Cusumano, Staff Writer

The Interact Club has a high flying idea for its new fundraiser, and it has something to do with flamingos.

Members of the Interact Club are sneaking into a teacher’s classroom after school and hanging approximately 20 large plastic flamingos holding a note.  These bright pink birds are stubborn; they will not leave until the teacher makes a donation to a charitable cause.

After making the donation, the teacher suggests another teacher’s classroom for the birds.  Then, after school members of the Interact Club will take the flock of birds to that teacher’s room where they will roost until the next donation is made.

If the teacher doesn’t want these exotic animals in their classroom,  they can pay five dollars in advance and avoid them from roosting in their room.

The birds roosted in Mr. Sobrinski’s room for a few days, and now they are migrating to a new room.  Keep an eye out for them.

Until the donation is made no one knows where the flamingos will strike next. So watch your class!