Celebrating a successful day in FBLA – American Enterprise Day

A special commemoration for small businesses and such!



Official FBLA picture for American Enterprise Day.

Gabriel Howard, Staff Writer

On every Wednesday, you may have noticed a group called “Future Business Leaders of America”, or FBLA for short. FBLA is a massively successful organization that grants students the chance to compete in various activities, such as accounting, anything business-related, and even entertaining aspects such as game design.

However, today on November 15th, they are commemorating their success with a very important day called American Enterprise Day! But what is this day, you might ask?

“This date salutes and publicizes the American free enterprise system and teaches others about it,” says FBLA organizer Hirali Patel. “The American free enterprise system is unique, where the government places very few restrictions on the types of business activities or in the ownership which the citizens participate in.”

On this specific day, FBLA celebrates and commemorates the businesses who are affordable and allow for very flexible business practices. Hirali exemplifies this with a similar system we have in place with Common Grounds and Common Threads. We sell cappuccinos at around $1.00 which is affordable for ALL, rather than a price such as $4.00 which is too expensive.

In regards to how the organization is getting students to participate, they actually get to participate every day when they do go to Common Grounds and other businesses like that. “There is nothing big that we are doing in which students are specifically participating,” Hirali points out. “But if the weather permits, we will be talking at the Best Buddies Meeting about their involvement in this Free Enterprise System.”