Pocono Cinema offers free family movies series

Pocono Cinema is showing free movies and collecting food and toys for a local animal shelter.


Kimberly Sanchez, Staff Writer

The Pocono Cinema & Cultural Center in East Stroudsburg has announced that they will show a series of free movies for every family starting this January.  

It will be a great opportunity for families to view films such as Shrek, Trolls, and more, at no cost.  How to Train Your Dragon kicked off the series on Saturday, January 19. February 9 will be Shrek. On March 16 they will be playing Trolls.

‘The Madeline Doyle Family Movie Series is meant to provide a wholesome activity for the whole family, no matter what the family’s socioeconomic status is,” said Ms. Courtney Tolino, President of the Pocono Cinema. “We want people to make memories at Pocono Cinema, and we hope this new series helps do that.”

The person behind this generous series is Ms. Madeline Doyle. She is a member of the Federal Emergency Response Rescue Extraction (F.E.R.R.E.T.).  

The films are taking place at the Winston Jones Theater in Pocono Cinema. Winston and Madeline are pet supporters, so they are requesting that people bring something for less fortunate cats and dogs.  

The Pocono Cinema is always working looking for ways to offer new events and activities. “I have worked at the Pocono Cinema for almost nine years, and I’ve found that we are always growing and adding new things to make our programs even better,” said Tolino.

Some SHS students are already taking advantage of these family opportunities. “I enjoy going to Pocono Cinema with my family because I get to spend time with them. When I heard about this new film event, I just couldn’t wait to go,” said sophomore Giana Antal.

“The Pocono Cinema is such a fun place; I can’t wait for these movies,” said sophomore Alexandra Ruiz. 

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Madeline Doyle Family Movie Series