Step Team prepares for upcoming events

Performers will soon entertain at Mini-THON


Photograph by Nadeen Edwards

The step team poses for their annual school performance.

Elisa-Marie Rivera, Staff Writer

What to have fun dancing in step with other students? Well, SHS has had a Step Team, and they are always willing to have more students join at any time.

A step team is a form of percussive dance in which the dancers use their entire body as an instrument to produce complex rhythms and sounds through a mixture of footsteps, spoken words, and hand claps. The current captain of the team is junior Calether Gentry followed by the senior co-captains Tateyana Fletcher and Brianna Brown.

There are 15 females currently on the Step Team. The Step Team is open to everyone. In fact, they are also looking for male dancers. They meet on Monday’s and Wednesdays for two hours. 

The team usually performs at pep rallies.  Their next performance is at the Mini-THON here at SHS on April 26 and 27. They will perform at a step show at East Stroudsburg High School South as well on May 10.

“We come up with our dance and steps with the help of everyone, as well as trying to use everyone’s ideas to make unique performances,” said adviser Ms. Nadeen Edwards  We always make sure everyone on our team has the moves and make sure we always help our teammates out.” 

The members of the team usually get their dance moves off youtube videos. Then the captain and co-captains choreograph their performances, creating some unique steps along the way.

“There are a lot of rolls that you have to have as a captain,” said Gentry. “You gotta have patience, make sure everyone on the team is getting the moves down. You have to be responsible and make sure you set a good example for your teammates cause you’re a leader. You have to be open minded and understand that not everyone can learn fast and not get frustrated if someone is not getting it you gotta take your time and make your teammates feel comfortable and know that you won’t judge them.” 

“At the end of the day we are a family, and nothing will change that,” Gentry said.

If students are interested in joining Stroudsburgs step team, they should email adviser Ms. Davis @[email protected] or adviser Ms. Edwards @[email protected]. They may also email Calether Gentry @[email protected]