The Mountaineer earns four prestigious newspaper awards


Photograph by Alefiyah Vahanvaty

Alanna Christman’s article, “Stop procrastinating: read this,” won the Best of SNO Award.

Gabrielle Buchanan, Staff Writer

The Mountaineer has earned four prestigious awards for their excellence in writing, developing coverage, site design, social media, and site traffic. These awards are the Best of SNO and Audience Engagement, Continuous Coverage Badge, and Story Page Excellence.

Throughout the school, the entire Mountaineer staff has held countless meetings after school and during school, to make the newspaper an award winning newspaper. Through countless story revisions, competitions, site designing, and much more, the Mountaineer has been successful in achieving those awards.

“I really have been loving how the newspaper have evolved from last year,” said junior Zoe Stevens. “There are so many more different articles with more diversity and information. This is their best year yet.” 

“I have always enjoyed writing so I felt the newspaper was really going to help me grow as a better writer.” said sophomore Alanna Christman. “ I am very excited for the next years with the Mountaineer” states Christman.

The alumni Mountaineer staff members have noticed our success this school year.

“The Mountaineer has taught me so many things in just one year,” said former staff member Sean Pickett. “You have a lot of opportunities to meet a lot of people.”

The Mountaineer is looking for more people to join their staff for the upcoming school year. If you are interested in making new friends, writing, taking photos/videos, designing our site, and having lots of opportunities to do fun things in school you can contact Mr. Sobrinski at [email protected] or just comment under any of the stories!