Technology Coach trains Creative Writing students on WeVideo


Mr. Sobrinski

Ms. Kirk is seen Helping student

Cassandra Oppelt, Staff Writer

Creative writing students at SHS are using WeVideo to bring their language to life — thanks to the efforts of Ms. Joy Kirk, a Technology Coach in the SASD.

For this project, Kirk has been working with Mr. Matt Sobrinski’s Creative Writing class. The instructors are working with students, helping them take a writing sample and creating 1-2 minute videos on a program called WeVideo.  It is an online video editing program, and Kirk is has been training the students, so they can create their own films.

Kirk has set up set up videos for the students explaining step by step how to utilize resources such as a green-screen, layer videos, do voice overs, add text, etc.

Senior Gabriel Howard, a member of the class, has chosen to do his project on a popular book series.

“I am going to be analyzing a very emotional scene from the last book from Stephen Kings the dark tower series. This project is really great, it is a very exciting opportunity to express yourself in ways other than writing.”

Kirk has been teaching at the Stroudsburg Middle School for nearly twenty years, utilizing a lot of modern technology in her classroom.

“I have always really been into technology, and I had decided to apply for the Technology Coach position, and I am enjoying it.” 

In her position, Kirk is supposed to assist both the students and the teachers who have the need for technology instruction.  Her goal is to help them learn new programs and integrate technology into their lessons.