Vote for Aevidum Staff and Student Hero of the Marking Period!


Why do we celebrate Aevidum Heroes?

Every quarter, SHS Aevidum selects four staff members and four students who mirror values that the Aevidum organization and promotes: acceptance, appreciation, acknowledgement, and care.

Students can choose teachers and other peers, while staff may nominate students along with other staff members. These four staff members and students are known as “Aevidum heroes,” people who help their peers in times of need.

Any student or staff member of Stroudsburg High School are encouraged to fill out the survey and choose what peers and teachers they believe should be recognized as Aevidum heroes. Afterwards, Aevidum leaders make the final decision on which staff members and students should be recognized for that quarter. 

Once the nominees have been chosen pictures of the Aevidum heroes are posted on a bulletin board located in the lower G hall.

The 4 Pillars to remember when filling the form out:

 ACCEPT: This person/teacher shows that they accept everyone, no matter who they are. They listen to their ideas and what they have to say, without judgement.  

APPRECIATE: This student/teacher appreciates others for what they do and why they do it.  They show gratitude and appreciate their peers. 

ACKNOWLEDGE: This student/teacher acknowledges someone’s presence, perhaps who might be having a bad day or is sitting alone. It could also be just saying a simple, “Good Morning” to someone.

CARE: This student/teacher shows that they care for someone by taking the time to make others feel loved. They also think about their actions that they make and how they can affect others. 

Student Nomination:

Staff Nomination: