Local businesses compete at Bizzy Awards

Chamber of Commerce votes on outstanding features of small businesses


Justin Buynak, Staff Writer

Imagine the Academy Awards in the Poconos; all the jokes, tears, and empowering speeches. That is exactly what the Bizzy Awards are!

Annually, the Pocono Chamber of Commerce hosts an award show for businesses. This year it happened at the Mount Airy Casino Resort where over 200 business men and women watched the 13th Bizzy Awards live.

The Bizzy Awards are an amazing place for small businesses to promote themselves. The Bizzy Awards are held live on local news stations and later, they are posted on YouTube.

If a business wishes to compete, they must nominate themselves in the spring for any category they believe they have a chance of winning.

Businesses competed in 13 separate categories, which include best logo, best business card, and best interior design. The 13 winners received an acrylic award to display their business. Each award signifies absolute excellence for that businesses in the community.

“It’s an awesome way for businesses to compete against each other,” said Mr. George Roberts, producer of the Bizzy Awards.

The Pocono Chamber of Commerce members vote on a secret ballot to ensure that no one knows who the winners are until the envelopes are opened on stage.

If an individual ever plans on starting a business, joining the Pocono Chamber of Commerce is a great way to get the word out. The chamber will help promote the business, and will give the owner opportunities to network with other businesses.

“The Chamber of commerce uses events like the Bizzy Awards to draw attention to the local business community,” said Ms. Marlyn Kissner, executive director of the Pocono Chamber of Commerce. “We get to showcase businesses to other businesses and marketing is what it’s all about.

The Chamber also holds many seminars and discussion groups to help new business owners learn skills. The chamber also lobbies on behalf of local businesses at the state capital.