Student Government plays important role in many activities and functions

Over 70 members help with everything from Homecoming to the senior picnic

Student Government is composed of students elected by the student body as a collective that perform planning for various activities that impact the school.

Like most clubs, Student Government has an adviser and officers that plan and manage activities. Meetings happen sporadically during the week and contain important debates and votes to make decisions that impact every event.

“We cover Homecoming, and provide fundraisers for clubs so that they can function, organize various dances, pep rallies, Powderpuff, senior picnic, and more,” said senior Jessica Hall, Student Government President, ‘20.

Student Government has many responsibilities, and the organization has over 70 members to help accomplish them.

“Student Government brings the student body together with positive experiences as they work alongside fellow peers to better our school’s programs and activities” said Logan Sodl, Student Government Treasurer, ‘20.

The club’s adviser, Ms. Jennifer Batt, leads this massive group of students as they push forward through the year.

Inquiries can be sent directly to Batt’s email address regarding event ideas and questions: [email protected]. Students can also send them directly to the Student Government President, Jessica Hall’s email address: [email protected].