Garden Club announces pumpkin contest winners

Amaya Cruz, Photography Editor

Every year Garden Club hosts a small pumpkin contest. People can decorate their own pumpkin for a chance to win a gift card to Dunkin Donuts. There was a wide variety of creatively decorated pumpkins this year, including Post Malone and  Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night.

This year’s winners stood out among all the pumpkins. First prize was a $15 gift card, second place won a $10 gift card, and third place won a box of Munchkins. The winners are listed down below:

First Place – Nathan Barrett and Megan Hughes: The Hamburger.

Second Place – Ammaarah Hassan: The Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.

Third Place – Ms. DiTore’s class : The Scarecrow.

If you want to see all the contestants’ creations, then step out to the courtyard during your lunch and take a look.

Congratulations to all the winners!