Yearbook captures SHS memories page by page


Taha Vahanvaty

Yearbook photographer junior Julia Gallo is seen above, posing for what she does best: photos.

Taha Vahanvaty, staff writer

Yearbooks are essentially a memory capsule that resonates with almost everyone’s high school years. But for most students who only see the finished product, the amount of time and effort dedicated to its creation can be lost while students shuffle through pages to see their peer’s glow ups.

Nowhere has that time and effort been more apparent than at Stroudsburg High School, where under the tutelage of journalism teacher and yearbook adviser Ms. Sara Cepin, the SHS yearbook elective is one filled with chaos, joy, and excitement. 

“It’s definitely stressful at times,” said yearbook photographer and current junior Julia Gallo “But it’s a really good opportunity to learn how to prioritize your work and you learn to have fun in the chaos.” 

Yearbook is an honor elective class that takes over the course of a year. 

“It’s unique in the sense that we don’t have a conventional classroom environment,” said Yearbook advisor Mrs. Sara Cepin. “We act like a club and a class at the same time.” 

Yearbook is only open to juniors and seniors, however, the positions available within the class are numerous. 

“This class plays to students’ strengths,” said Cepin. “If you enjoy photography we have a position for that if you enjoy writing we have a position for that if you enjoy photo editing we have a position for that as well.”

Students with an interest in photography or journalism are strongly encouraged to take the year-long course. Not only will their interests and skills be put to good use, but they’ll also have an opportunity to learn how to further develop them through a class setting. 

“This is a challenging and a creative class,” said Cepin, “we work as a team and if you’re up for the challenge then this class is for you”.

For those interested in ordering a yearbook, you can order one through this link here..  Please note that the last day to order a yearbook is APRIL 1.