SASD students to finish school year online


Photo via omegaweb

Olivia Heyward, Staff Writer

This year has been one for the books. All Pennsylvania schools have officially been declared closed until the end of the school year due to COVID-19. To some, that is a relief; but to others, it is a struggle. Because of school closings, many schools have turned to online assignments for their students to finish off the year.

Stroudsburg Area School District(SASD) does not have an established online schooling system, which makes this transition a little more challenging. In replacement of everyday classes and assignments, the school has directed students and faculty to Google Classroom and other resources. For high school students, each teacher is expected to assign 2-3 assignments per week, as well as a lesson of some kind. Students are responsible for completing each assignment on time. 

Some believe that this is a more appealing alternative to face-to-face classes; however, others feel as though it is more challenging. The school, as well as the students, were essentially “thrown” into this new school system without much time to prepare. Many students at SHS did not have access to the internet or computers to complete their assignments, but the administration quickly found a solution. Chromebooks were handed out to students that needed them and other measures were taken for those without internet access. Teachers have the option of having assignments due on certain days or keeping their assignment window open until Sunday at 11:59 p.m.

“It’s easiest to get my assignments done as soon as possible to relieve the stress for the rest of the week,” said junior Kaya Quinones.

Quinones addressed the volume of work she has had to tackle so far.

“I would say I am receiving more work online than I did in class,” said Quinones. “It’s understandable though because we are missing quality face-to-face lessons and in-class assignments.”

Another avenue for class time, that teachers are using, are programs such as Zoom or Google “Office Hours”. Teachers can schedule meetings to meet with students. Many teachers have held mini-classes to keep their students updated and to receive feedback from students regarding lessons and assignments. 

This transition is new and to many, it’s very scary for many teachers and students. A lot has changed, and will continue to change, but as a community, the SASD school community is focused on staying strong.

Keep doing your work, stay on top of online assignments and stay inside and healthy! We got this, Mountie Nation.