Earth Day celebrates the planet and educates people on how to take care of it

Special event started 50 years ago this week


Amaya Cruz

Earth delights the world with beautiful trees and cozy spring days, captured above.

Ivana Karataseva, Video Editor

Since 1970, Earth Day has become a very important and widely spread international event. These past 50 years, every April 22 (Earth Day) has helped educate and spread the importance of environmental sustainability to everyone around the world. 

This event has been in the making since the early 1960s. It started when scientists, activists, and forward-thinking politicians, like Senator Gaylord Nelson, wanted to advertise to the world the negative impacts of pollution. Finally, on April 22, 1970, the first Earth Day was held and it was an astounding success. Over twenty million demonstrators participated in rallies in big urban cities such as Chicago, New York City, and Washington D.C.

This year, Earth Day continued to be another reminder of our duty to protect the earth.

“Earth Day is an important day for me because it helps remind me to appreciate and take care of our beautiful planet that we so often take for granted,” said sophomore Christian Jones.

While Earth Day may only comes once a year, many people celebrate year-round. Climate change has become such an important issue that many young people refuse to ignore it. They have become heavily involved in movements, organizations, and clubs that help support the earth. By joining the fight against climate change, people can get more educated on how to help the environment. Overall, their goal is to reduce their carbon footprint and help the earth.

“Clubs like Environmental Club are important to schools around the world because they help educate students on the importance of environmental sustainability and concepts like reducing, reusing, and recycling,”said junior Michelle Pheonix, a board member of the club at SHS. “Without clubs like these, climate change will just continue getting worse.”

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