Communication: School counselors urge students to check emails and join Google Classroom

Counselors have created a Google Classroom for each class


Ronald Wang

An image of the post-secondary planning packet sent out by counselors.

During this historical school year, SHS school counselors face challenges as they attempt to communicate with students. Counselors try to tackle this issue in ways such as contact via email, phone calls, or online platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet.

However, communicating is not as simple as it seems.

“There have been students that we’ve been trying to reach out to and we’ve still been unable to reach,” said Ms. Theresa Onody, head school counselor.

The lack of communication between counselors and students can be problematic, especially if students are not checking their emails. That is why counselors insist that students check their email at least once a week. This ensures that students receive as much information as possible sent out by counselors and SHS principal Mr. Jeffrey Mr. Sodl.

One of the biggest problems counselors have with email is that it is very time-consuming. To help remedy this, the counselors have created a Google Classroom for each class. On Google Classroom, students can find practically all the information they need to know.  If students have further questions, they are encouraged to contact their respective counselor.

It is important that students meet with their counselor because counselors provide a plethora of information that helps students get an understanding of what their future is going to look like and steps to take in order to achieve their goals. For example, counselors can help students by supplying steps to take while applying for college.

“I think it’s important to meet with the school counselor, especially if they are the first in their family going to college because otherwise, it’s really hard to apply for everything without help,” said senior Andrew Marina.

Due to the pandemic, many students who are fully remote are unable to visit the guidance office in order to talk with their counselor.  Once again, this is where email communication and Google Classroom becomes more important than ever before.

“If students have any questions that haven’t been answered when they did meet with us, they can always reach back out to us,” said Onody. “We’re way more accessible than people realize.”

To sum things up, students should check their emails once a week, take a look at what’s posted on the counselor Google Classroom, and try their best to communicate with their counselors whenever they need help.

One consistent piece of advice, especially for seniors, is don’t be late and don’t procrastinate. It is especially important to turn in all the paperwork necessary (check out senior checklist), if they are applying to college, as soon as possible.

Google Classroom codes:
Sophomores- y5sebmk
Juniors- os3vowh
Seniors- xe3e5jd

Important Senior Checklist
Common Application (College applications)
Finalize SAT/ACT Scores
FAFSA financial aid form
College essays Letter of recommendations from teachers