Winter activities abound in the Poconos


Photo via Ski Hill Shoutout

The mountains are covered with fresh snow and ready for skiers.

The Pocono winters have finally arrived. So it is time to come up with a new list of things to do in the snow. When most people think about the Poconos, the first thing that comes to mind is snowboarding and skiing. Those are fun activities to do or try, but if they are not someone’s thing, there are plenty of other awesome outdoor and indoor activities available to try.

“I love to be outside when it snows. It is beautiful,” said Sam Bryant 21’. “Some fun things I like to do outside after it snows are sculpt really cool snow creations.”

The Poconos is known for its many ski resorts. Most of them offer guests the ability to ski, snowboard, or snow tube down the mountains. They offer various programs for beginners, as well as some easier terrains and slopes for those people. They also offer some terrains for the people who enjoy thrill and risk-taking. These terrains are definitely more for an experienced crowd. If people are not interested in skiing, tye can try one of the many snow tubing trails.

For people looking to avoid resorts, tourists, and ticket prices, there are plenty of adventures right out the back door. For instance, someone who likes to stay home can go outside and build a snowman, or even make an igloo. If there is enough snow, breaking out the snowmobile from the garage and going for a ride may be an option. There are also many little lakes and ponds hidden in the Poconos. These are perfect for going ice skating.

There are always smart little things that would not necessarily pop in one’s head right away, just like driving around one’s neighborhood and enjoying all the Christmas lights and decorations that brightened the streets this year.

“I mostly like to do activities at home, but one activity I like to do is go see big Christmas lights,” said Rachael Walters 21.”

Some people just enjoy being inside on snow days.

“It’s too cold to be outside, but I enjoy admiring it and watching the beautiful snowflakes fall,” said Julia Gallo 21’. “I really like to look out my window with a big mug of hot chocolate, go under my covers and read a book, as well as reminisce about the times I played in the snow when I was younger.”

Other inside-dwellers like to curl up and watch their favorite movies or binge-watch their favorite shows on Netflix.

Another tried and true indoor activity is playing board games with friends or family.

When friends and family visit from out of town, they could certainly visit one of many indoor water parks that are located at resorts throughout the Poconos. Most of the time there is an arcade located inside the resorts, so make sure to bring quarters for the machines.

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