Knockerball fundraiser will have you bouncing off the walls

Brianna Cummings, Staff Writer

Stroudsburg High School has its fair share of creative fundraisers, but its newest one is sure to knock you off your feet, or perhaps one of your friends.

On Friday, December 18, the Stroudsburg High School will hold its first-ever Knocker Ball Day. Students must purchase wristbands during lunches from December Ai??14 through December 17. Ai?? If students miss lunch sign-ups, they will have one last chance to slam-dance in homeroom on Friday morning, when they can purchase a ticket from their homeroom teachers.

Students can pay $3 if they want to play with the knocker balls or $2 if they only wish to spectate. Then, on December 18, they can come down to the gym during their lunch or study hall and revel in all the knocker ball madness. All the proceeds go to MINI-thon.

For more information, check out the video above.