TSA hosts regional competition

Madison Seixas, Staff writer

Hard work and dedication are all students need to join the Technology Student Association, better known as TSA. It is a technology education program that spans the entire country. The club offers students the opportunity to participate in many different events, which can be anything from computer design to robotics.

The Stroudsburg Area School District has been involved with this TSA since about 2002, in both the high school and the junior high. Members of this club not only expand their knowledge of technology, but they also participate in various individual competitions.

The most recent event coming up is the Regional State National Conference, which is only the beginning of a series of contests that concludes with a national competition. Stroudsburg is only one of 21 schools that get involved in these events each year.

The first round of the national competition will be held at the High School on February 6. This will be open to public, with different events held everywhere from the gymnasium to the cafeteria. Head adviser Mr. Mike Qendro and assistant adviser Mr. Kirk George are both very excited to host the Regionals this year.

ai???We have some outstanding kids in both the junior high and the high school,ai??? said George. ai???We expect to do well.ai???

With all the excitement surrounding TSA, students begin to look forward to all the neat competitions.

ai???State competition is my favorite part,ai??? said John Valinote, a two-year member. ai???You get to meet a lot of new people and have a lot of fun.ai???

To witness some of the cool things these kids have been working on for the past couple of months, stop by the high school on February 6 and root for our students! Ai??