Aevidum making a positive impact on the mental health of SHS students


Julian Castellanos, Staff Writer

Do you or someone you know have trouble with mental health? Have you ever experienced serious depression or mental illness? Well, Aevidum is a club at SHS that may be able to help you.

Aevidum was among the clubs that participated in the SHS annual Activity Fair. At the event, Aevidum shared material about mental health awareness. Adviser Ms. Mindy Tkach was helping spread the message and answering questions at the club’s table.

Aevidum was first formed in 2003 under the name “Helping Hand”.  It was created after a student attending Cocalico High School in Lancaster County Pennsylvania committed suicide.

The organization has been growing since its inception.  Also, they officially changed their name to Aevidum. The word was created by students. Aevidum is a Latin root word that translates to “I got your back.”

Junior Jessica Dhountal is a member of Aevidum.  She shared a bit about the club.

“We usually meet in the library to do a routine mental health check-up to make sure they are okay,” said Castle. “Then we come together and pitch ideas on how to combat mental illness. We also spread the word on mental health. For example, we might write messages on the sidewalk or hang a huge sign in the hallways to tell people they are not alone.”

Dhountal has been spreading the word among her friends at school.

“I convinced a friend to join Aevidum because they were really having trouble with mental health, especially after problems occurring at home,” said Dhountal. “And currently she has overall improved with her mental health overall and her attitude.”