SADD looks forward to looking out for students

SADD looks forward to looking out for students

Julian Castellanos, Staff Writer

Stroudsburg High School has an absolute zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol, and the school supports student sobriety. A club also in support of these ideals is SADD, which is focusing on helping students combat harmful decisions. 

SADD stands for “Students Against Destructive Decisions”. It was originally founded in 1981, and was called “Students Against Drunk Driving”. It’s original purpose was aimed at combating underage drinking and drunk driving. The formation of the club helped to push congress to federally raise the legal drinking age to 21. 

A 2019 youth behavior survey taken by the CDC shows that at least 29% of high school students have consumed alcohol, 14% have attempted binge-drinking, 5% have driven under the influence and 17% of students have ridden in a car driven by someone who was under the influence. These statistics show that the problems of 1981 are still relevant today.

“I think it’s always been an issue. It’s just the decisions are different. Students have always been drinking, smoking, and other things, but the problems are more new age now. For example texting and driving. cyberbullying and vaping. Students have always been making these destructive decisions.” said Mellisa Koehler, the advisor for SADD.

Now SADD has expanded into other issues that cause harm to students. Such as drug use, unsafe sex, bullying, unsafe driving, and other rangless issues.

“In general, SADD empowers teens and encourages them to consider the impact of their choices on their friends and families. SADD members ask peers to learn the facts. Make the best decision and help their friends to do the same. By forming a SADD chapter, you will have the responsibility of educating teens and giving them the knowledge, skills and power to make safe choices that will directly impact their futures.“ – Melissa Koehler

SADD is currently seeking new members. If SADD gains more members, they will be able to take on more ambitious projects.