The Hiking Club is eager to hit the trail this spring


Photo courtesy of Mr. David Hakim taken at Mount Minsi trail.

Names left to right: Ashton Bergamino, Aliza Askari, Kiara Hildago, Gabby Nova, Will Eberz , Jules Bone, Driton Berisha, Sharon Mejia, Kate Beebe, Anita Mendez, Lindsay Pelez

Andrew Silva, Staff Writer

When you look around the Stroudsburg area, you may see a lot of buildings, and even highways.  But if you look beyond the concrete, you can see trees, mountains, and water.  

The Poconos is filled with beautiful scenic locations. This area is known for its natural beauty.  Many people take advantage of it by getting out on hiking trails.  

For students, a great way to explore the outdoors is by joining SHS’s own Hiking Club. The members actually organize and go on hikes together.  

While the Hiking Club is not active during the winter months, they will be outside in the spring.

Mr. David Hakim is the adviser for the Hiking Club. He explained why students enjoy being a part of it.

“They get to be outside with friends, and hiking gives people a new experience,” said Hakim. The kids get to see some animals and get a breath of fresh air.”

In the fall, the hikers explored the Delaware Water Gap, as well as other locations.  When spring comes, they will start planning other adventures.  

Students interested in learning more should go to the Hiking Club’s Google Classroom: ddyuqp3

We can all agree that after everything we have been through the past two years we all need a breath of fresh air after being inside for so long.