Common Delivery students are always ready to deliver copies to staff

Common Delivery is a unique group that is part of the Life Skills program at SHS


Melissa Koehler

Two best buddies make copies for a teacher.

Zyaire Coles, Staff Writer

Imagine elves arriving at your door to pick up copies you need made and then delivering them once they are finished. Well, those elves are actually students who are part of SHS’s Common Delivery program.

Stroudsburg High School’s Common Delivery program helps students with special needs learn social and navigation skills. The students learn to be respectful while entering classrooms, they learn to match the classroom numbers to the numbers on the copies that are being delivered, and they learn to travel throughout the building.

The students that work with Common Delivery, deliver copies,  laminations, prepare supplies for classes, and even help count money for Common Grounds, SHS’s coffee shop. The students that help with Common Delivery are a part of the Life Skills program. It is a part of their schooling. So far, there are four students in this program.

The Common Delivery program started in 2016.  For the past four years, the adviser has been Ms. Melissa Koehler.

The students are willing to deliver anywhere in the high school building, but most deliveries, tend to be on the second floor.  

“We have one student that does deliveries downstairs, and then we have one student that does deliveries upstairs,” said Koehler.

The students at Common Delivery encourage the staff to use them as a resource.  Some days, they have several deliveries, and other days they may have none.

“Thanks to all the teachers that utilize the service, our kids enjoy doing meaningful tasks,” said Koehler.