Local organization focused on saving and sheltering cats


Kathleen Reish

Pepper, a rescue cat, was adopted from AWSOM animal shelter by the Reish family.

Eric Card III, Staff Writer

Picture cats strolling looking sad because there is no love or shelter for them.

There is now a chance for them to be loved and cared for in a local shelter: Animals Can’t Talk.

This organization is run by Ms. Naomi Gauntlett and her assistant Ms. Carla Mercado. Guantlett has focused on saving and sheltering animals for 30 years. She originally started off with a similar organization in Queens, New York called “Silent Animal Voices”, “Echo”, and “Save”. She is now working with Animals Can’t Talk.

There are three ways to support ACT. The cats are up for adoption and looking for new homes to be cherished and loved. A supporter can also volunteer and/or donate.

ACT volunteers take care of stray cats and make sure they get veterinary checked before they are sent off to their new homes. The volunteers also work with the cats and try to get them adjusted to people. 

This volunteering opportunity will help people who are interested in caring for animals, want to learn more about them, and might want to pursue something like this in their future.

ACT is looking for volunteers not only to help with the cats but to help build their social media page. ACT is looking to expand and would prefer help from people who are skilled with social media promotion.

ACT s a great way to give back to the community. Not only is this good to do but it also goes on the student transcript. To learn more about the volunteering opportunity email Mr. Clint Davis.