Progressive Club

Progressive Club

Amber Quinn, Staff Writer

The future of this country will soon be in the hands of the Millennial Generation. In order to prepare for this pressing matter, the Progressive Club has taken steps to inform and provide students with a way to talk about politics.

ai???[Progressive club] is a chance for students to discuss common political ideology,ai??? said adviser Mr. Anthony Lanfrank.

Although the club has officially voted to endorse Bernie Sanders, Lanfrank wholeheartedly admits that he, in no way, persuades the students and their choices. Ai??In fact, the Progressive Club was founded solely by students. Ai??President Liam Weiss, a senior, approached Lanfrank and proposed the idea for the club.

ai???Itai??i??s election year and I wanted to provide a way for people with similar political views to gather and talk,ai??? said Weiss.

Many students feel very strongly about their political beliefs and the club provides a chance for them to discuss these beliefs with other students. Ai??There is no requirement to join, but like any newly created club, there must be student participation for it to really take off.

ai???Iai??i??m hoping to Trump up interest in the Progressive Club,ai??? said Lanfrank.

The club wishes to promote their local debate that they will be moderating at the end of March. Ai??Lanfrank is proud that the students involved in the group will run the entire event. Ai??Most of the clubai??i??s meetings are spent planning for the upcoming debate.

ai???Weai??i??re thinking about questions, coming up with specific rules, and figuring out how weai??i??re going to moderate the debate,ai??? said club member Taylor Flanagan, a junior.

The Progressive Club works to make sure all students that want to voice their opinions have a chance to. Ai??Not only do students enrich themselves in politics, but they also become more politically active through the club.