Sports Club encourages youngsters to make exercise a part of their daily life

Noah Morell, Staff Writer

Sports Club is focused on promoting sports and activities to young children. For this to be most effective, members of the club should be passionate about their involvement, so that enthusiasm rubs off on the kids.

Mr. Jeff Husick and Mr. Butch Perry are the advisers of Sports Club.

Husick explained that the club’s long-term goal.

“Members encourage the younger students to pursue a sport or activity in their daily lives,” said Husick.

In order to become a member of Sports Club, a student must have earned a Varsity letter in a sport. Also they must agree to demonstrate a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle, behave in a responsible and mature manner, genuinely express pride in their accomplishments,  demonstrate honesty and integrity, and maintain academic eligibility. 

Two main events of the Sports Club are running Fun & Fitness Day for 4th graders and organizing the Mountie Challenge Day for special needs students in grades 5-9.

Sports Club member meet once a month after school at SHS. This club operates throughout the school year.