Students compete for title of Mr. and Mrs. Mini-THON


Delaney Pinson, Staff Writer

As May rolls around every year, students begin to hear about an exciting fundraiser to promote the donation to the Four Diamonds Fund. Students spend 12 long hours on their feet dancing, singing, and playing games. The key is that they are not allowed to sit down to in order to experience a mere fraction of what cancer treatment patients go through.

Eric Diemer, 12th grader and Tech Committee Chairperson for Mini-THON says, ai???This fundraiser is perfect for high school and college students because it is for pediatric cancer, so we can envision ourselves or our brothers and sisters as the ones needing Stroudsburg’s goal this year is to raise $60,000 for the Four Diamonds Fund.

To raise awareness for the event, 20 students have agreed to participate in a new competition to race for the Mr. and Mrs. Mini-THON crown.In the weeks leading up to Mini THON, videos will be sent out, showing the competitors in a series of events leading up to Mini-THON including a water challenge, couples facts, talent show, blind obstacle course, and a mystery substance event.

ai???Mr. and Mrs. Mini-THON is a fun competitionai??i?? that will hopefully get people psyched about Mini-THON,ai??? said Brycen Butz, 11th grader and Nourishment Chairperson. There will be more competitions at the actual event, but will only be announced the night of.

Mike Trezza, Sam Whiteley, Luc Cibischino, Dan Goldschmidt, Tyler Boback, Michael Daigle, LJ, Stuart Yaden, Cody Yarnell, Jaahmal Buckley, LJ Brown, and CJ Lopez will all fight to escape elimination while running for the male Mini-THON crown.

Zoe Petrides, Hospitality Committee Chairperson, says, ai???We choose to have a female competition this year because just having a male race competed too much with the King of Hearts. Plus, we have a Homecoming Queen so it only seems

Brittany Hewitt, Sarah Principe, Rachel Getty, Ellyn Diamond, Tatiana Williams, Megan Horvat, Tereya Edwards, Gabby Wallace, Leann Small, and Crystal Phillips will battle it out for the Mini-THON queen title.

Although the title of Mr. and Mrs. Mini-THON appears to be an event unto itself, the true aim of the students participating is to save lives for Four Diamonds families one competition at a time. The Four Diamonds is the beneficiary of all Mini-THONs and THON.