SHS Chess team shakes up the board with changes


Photo of a chess board and pieces by Michael Santini

Michael Santini, Staff Writer

After a few rocky years due to the pandemic and adviser changes, the Chess team is meeting in person again.

SHS librarian Ms. Sherri Stauffer has taken over as this year’s adviser.  Last year, Ms. Connor Chalfant advised the team.

Stauffer is passionate about the game of chess.  She grew up watching champions such as Bobby Fisher and Boris Spassky. When the team needed an adviser, she offered her services.

“The previous chess adviser left, and I couldn’t let our team not participate because of it,” said Stauffer.

The Chess team members believe that they will be successful this year because they have an experienced group of seniors: Andrew Brinker, Chris Hu, Greg Ranzan, Ryan Chen, Raymond Krezel, and Michael Santini.

While the experienced players may be ready for battle, Stauffer hopes to make learning the game less intimidating for newbies.  She intends to do this by matching the inexperienced players from SHS with other inexperienced players from other schools.

SHS students interested in learning more should go to the Chess team’s Google Classroom: 3xbpaow.

New members are welcome!