Students share love of reading in Book Club


Sydney Curry, Staff Writer

“If you love to fight for your favorite character or simply like to discuss a good book, then you should join our book club,” said SHS librarian Ms. Sherie Stauffer.

Book Club provides enthusiastic readers with an opportunity to meet and discuss a novel every Friday during the lunch periods.

New members are always encouraged.

Students actually have a say in what novels they want to read. Stauffer chooses six books from the top-ten newest book list and then students vote on what they want to read.

The readings cover various genres such as science fiction, fantasy, and murder mysteries. It all depends on the new books on the market and which books the group selects. Students must purchase their own copy of each book.

Each week, there is an assigned reading amount to keep every student together in the same place — and to prevent spoilers. 

At Book Club gatherings, students hunker down and discuss various aspects of each novel.  They have an opportunity to escape into the fictional world that each novel offers.

Students interested in learning more about the club should contact Stauffer at [email protected] or join their Google Classroom using the code: 6cemj3v.