SJHS students visit SHS to participate in annual Model Congress conference

Luka Konklin, Staff Writer

Many eighth and ninth-grade students rode from the SJHS to SHS for two days to attend SHS Model Congress’s annual conference.

A new development for this year’s event was that the students also acted as a jury for SHS Mock Trial.

Every year, many eighth and ninth-grade students participate in an annual Model Congress Conference. They come from the junior high school to get a taste of what the SHS Model Congress does.

During the conference, students debate and eventually vote on a bill to improve the issue. At the end of each day, all the students voted to pass or not pass the bill.

Here is this year’s officer team:

President: senior Brianna Mollova (12)

Vice President: senior Will Eberz (12)

Treasurer: junior Luka Konklin (11)

Freshman Representative: Lila Burke (9)