Thoroughly Modern Millie: Cast and Crew


Delaney Pinson, Staff Writer

Thoroughly Modern Millie follows a young girl with big dreams of moving to New York City to find a man with more than enough money to make her happy. But her whole world turns upside down when she checks into a hotel that is owned by the leader of the white slavery ring in China. Stroudsburg High School is hosting their own version of this play this year.

The cast includes Alexa Vaghenas (Millie Dillmount), Charlie Cohen-Goehl (Jimmy Smith), McKenna Cassady (Mrs. Dorothy), and Chase Bartholomew (Trevor Graydon). ai???The cast this year works well together and are supportive of each otherai??i??s accomplishments,ai??? says Mrs. Janice Lee, Assistant Director and Accompanist.

This yearai??i??s play has great expectations from the surrounding community. ai???I expect this yearai??i??s production to be a major crowd pleaser because itai??i??s, surprising, funny, and entertaining with tap dance numbers and other many interesting songs,ai??? says Lee.

A majority of the cast agrees that the play is on schedule as of now. So far, they have run through every scene at least twice. The practices will only increase from this moment forward, being that its debut is scheduled for the weekend of April 15th. Dating all the way back to planning in the summer and auditions in December, the musical has taken over the lives of the cast and crew.

ai???Some nights I donai??i??t get home until almost eleven at night, but I know it will all be worth it when the show starts,ai??? says Charlie Cohen-Goehl.

ai???I am really nervous for opening night. The thing I am most worried about is the costume changes. It’s the thing we’ve practiced the least and there are some really quick changes that are very nerve-wracking,ai??? says senior, McKenna Cassady.

As tickets begin to sell out, the excitement heightens, the cast practices longer, and the countdown begins to watch your fellow classmates and friends show off their masterpiece.

ai???The hardest part is probably coordinating all of the different aspects like lights, sound, curtains, and the actors and actresses,ai??? says Mrs. Lee.

ai???Making sure I don’t go on stage missing a glove or without zipping up my dress completely is my biggest fear, but forgetting a line or cracking a note is still extremely scary to me as well,ai??? Says Cassady.