Progressive Club pushes into the election season


Lucas Wesselius

Progressive Club officers all together wearing masks of famous progressive politicians.

Lucas Wesselius

Progressive Club has gone into overdrive in preparation for the upcoming election season, with the hopes of getting more people informed and voting.

ai???The club is meant to get students to engage in political discourse, and increase activism and participation in the political process among the student body,ai??? adviser Mr. Anthony Lanfrank said of the club’s plans.Ai??ai???We hope to moderate a local debate between Mr. David Parker and Ms. Maureen Madden, conduct some service projects, and hold a voter registration

The club previously had held a debate between Madden and Ms. Andre Reams for the PA State Representative District 115, democrat nomination. With the general election coming up this November, the group looks to host another debate for District 115, this time between incumbent Parker and challenger Madden.

The club continues to pursue the goal of informing students about how the government and election process work. Senior Class President Taylor Flanagan, the clubai??i??s vice president, hopes to get students involved in all levels of government.

ai???We will be doing a voter registration drive, and encouraging people to come out to events such as the upcoming debate, and get them informed so that they can vote in the upcoming election.”

The club has seen a drop in membership with the graduation of the Class of 2016, but Lanfrank hopes to find more politically active students to join.

ai???I hope it continues to grow,” Lanfrank said. “I want students to learn the insides and outs of campaigning and political events. I hope to one day even see some of the members hold a political

SHS principal Mr. Jeffrey Sodl also remains optimistic.Ai??ai???Our students are very advanced in their thinking; their interest is amazing. In fact, itai??i??s pretty