SHS Marching Band wraps up memorable season


Abigail Ferrier, Staff Writer

Nerves were on edge and goals were set high as the Stroudsburg High School MarchingAi??Band took the field this season for the last time. Overall, the band has had an outstanding yearAi??with their show ai???Can’t Stop,ai??? which accurately represents the relentless energy of the band.

The Marching Band’s final performance took place at Met life Stadium, where 63 bands got to perform at the USBands Open Class National Championships. This year, the Marching Band’s exhibition time was something unforgettable. That was, in large part, due to the intense preparation for the season. Ai??Band Camp, which consists of long training days, is held during the last two weeks of August and rehearsals are every Tuesday and Thursday.Ai??

Marching Band Director Mr. Skip CassadyAi??inspires members to push past their limits, and to work hard for a great show. Cassady stated that his favorite part of marching band is ai???seeing the kids do something they thought they never could

The bandai??i??s Assistant Director Mr. Ben Pritchard writes the music for the shows, which is memorized for the field show performances. The popular songs students are all used to hearing on the radio take on a new life when the band plays and marches to them in a fantastic ensemble.Ai??

This fall the band was led onto the field by senior Drum Major Taylor Flanagan and junior Drum Major Charley Cohen-Goehl. People love the halftime shows, but there is so much more.

ai???I like to watch everyone dance to the pep songs, and see the unity between the band, the football team, and the cheerleaders,” said Cohen-Goehl. “I hope that never goes away.”

The Stroudsburg High school Marching Band has heart and soul, as it demonstrates the power of school spirit and Ai??success.