SHS librarian shares novel with students in the Bronx


Lauren Bruckstein, Staff Writer

The Zorki Chronicles, which was released in 2013, is currently making an impact on the lives of high school students. At a disadvantaged school in the Bronx, Lehman High School, SHS librarian and author Mr. William Lowenburg shared his novel with a class of 15 high school seniors.

Teacher Vicki Mcguigan introduced her 12th grade English class to The Zorki Chronicles.

ai???Vicki Mcguigan was a friend of mine, and my wifeai??i??s former said Lowenburg. ai???Sheai??i??s been a fan of the book since the

When Lowenburg was writing his bookai??i??s manuscript, Mcguigan was one of few people who was given to read it.

The Zorki Chronicles is a coming of age story about a group of high school seniors. The country is at war, the draft is back, and the main character, Myles Parker, walks away from being a star athlete to become a photographer and political activist.

ai???It sounds serious but itai??i??s told in a humorous way,ai??? said Lowenburg. ai???Mcguigan knew the book very well and thought her students would positively respond to

Mcguigan used the novel as the classai??i??s core text to strengthen their reading comprehension and writing skills as well as their awareness of the importance of involved citizenship.

The schoolai??i??s area has experienced many issues regarding violence and crime.

ai???The principal is trying to bring in things to make kids want to go to said Lowenburg. This is what motivated Lowenburg to read a few final chapters of his book with the class.

ai???The Zorki Chronicles helped the students to better understand things about themselves by identifying with characters in the Lowenburg said.

As it turned out, more students attended class during the reading of The Zorki Chronicles.

Lowenburg encouraged the students to strive for success. He gave them Zorki Chronicles t-shirts and shared his photo screenplay of the novel with them.Ai??

After receiving an extremely positive student reaction, the school is in the process of adding The Zorki Chronicles to their English curriculum.

ai???My impact on this school has really made me feel like I am somebody Lowenburg said.

The first two chapters of The Zorki Chronicles can be checked out at the website below: