SHS students travel with Project Success to the Capitol in Harrisburg — at no cost


Stroudsburg students and other Monroe County students attend a field trip with Project Success.

Emily Garbarino, Staff Writer

Last week, 17 Stroudsburg Area School District students took a two hour journey to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania with Project Success. Ai??Two buses filled with SASD students and other area students participated.

The lucky students who participated got to tour the Capitol building, meet politicians, and learn how the government operates — all for free.

ai???I have had the opportunity of participating in programs through Project Success.,” said junior Helen Hawkes. “I learned about the architecture of the building, and the structure of the senate. Compared to reading in history books, seeing the senate first hand was a different experience which allowed me to see the government in a different way.”

Project Success is an organization that is open to all students from all the area schools. Their mission is to expose as many students as possible to various career possibilities, which should ultimately help them choose a career path after they finish their schooling. Project Success offers trips to different places ranging from the local courthouse to the Capitol building in Harrisburg.

ai???Some students donai??i??t have the opportunity to come see the Capitol, so this a great way for them to get a feel for the government and get to see how the government functions,ai??? Mr. Peter Alasty, the creator of Project Success.

Alasty created this unique program to give children the opportunity to learn about careers instead of jumping into a career that they donai??i??t know about. ai???I felt students needed more than just school to teach them about jobs. This program gives them a chance to find out about career paths.”

Stroudsburg students who attended the trip to the Capitol building seemed to really appreciate the experience.

ai???I enjoyed seeing Senator Mario M. Scavello and hearing him talk about his opinions on the senate,ai??? saidAi??junior Kayliegh Trunfio.

Scavello is a member of the Community, Economic & Ai??Recreational Development Committee. Ai??He explained that the walls of the senate were actuallyAi??lined with real gold and intricate designs that were carved into the mahogany wood furniture. Ai??He then discussed the many events and important meetings that take place in the Capitol building.

ai???A student should have all options to learn about the career they want to go into,” said Scavello.Ai??”Seeing it first-hand gives students more experience and can help them to be in a better position when making the decision of what career path to

Alasty believes that opportunities like this one are what make Project Success a true success. Ai??

If students would like to sign up for Project Success and explore the possible career paths, they should click the link below to find out more information on the program. Although the program is coming to an end for this school year, they will be looking for newcomers in the fall.