SHS Mountaineer newspaper achieves “Distinguished Site” status

SHS Mountaineer newspaper achieves

Taha Vahanvaty, staff writer

May 12, 2020

"Running the newspaper has been one of the most rewarding experiences of this school year," said junior Jasmyn Sanchez.  "I couldn't be more proud of our whole journalism team for winning us the SNO Distinguished Site badge." Sanchez and junior Alanna Christman are the Editor-in-Chiefs for the award...

Voting from the couch: PA’s elections postponed, voters can now vote from home

For this year's election all voters will be required to wear face masks at the polls.

Taha Vahanvaty, Staff Writer

May 1, 2020

The Internet and social media have enabled everyone, especially members of Generation Z, to become more politically aware than ever before. Never before has it been so easy to develop an opinion on pressing issues such as immigration, transgender rights, and gun violence. However, many are wondering...

SHS club, The Acceptance Project, moves online

The Acceptance Project met this Thursday on Zoom in order to keep the club running and talking.

Taha Vahanvaty and Jasmyn Sanchez

April 14, 2020

A school is a place for building friendships, learning responsibility, and after school activities, but it seems as though the Coronavirus has taken that all way within a blink of an eye. However, students are still trying to piece together a semblance of their normal lives.  Junior Taha Vahanva...

Yearbook captures SHS memories page by page

Yearbook photographer junior Julia Gallo is seen above, posing for what she does best: photos.

Taha Vahanvaty, staff writer

March 14, 2020

Yearbooks are essentially a memory capsule that resonates with almost everyone’s high school years. But for most students who only see the finished product, the amount of time and effort dedicated to its creation can be lost while students shuffle through pages to see their peer’s glow ups. Now...

Why we need to be taught how to see race

Junior Taha Vahanvaty is pictured, symbolically showing, with his hands, how people should not see color.

Taha Vahanvaty, staff writer

March 12, 2020

Colorblindness. No, not the disease that affects the cones in your eyes. The “colorblindness” I’m referring to is a term that has been used by individuals to describe their refusal to see race. By saying “I’m colorblind” people don’t actually mean that they can’t see blue or green; rath...

Executive Deputy Attorney General visits SHS club The Acceptance Project

Members of The Acceptance Project stand with SASD Superintendent and Executive Director Robert Reed after a meeting

Jasmyn Sanchez, Editor in Chief

March 4, 2020

Communication. The lack of communication between individuals has grown more and more throughout the last decade due to the increase in social media and technology. Yet, with The Acceptance Project, the topics discussed allow students to not only communicate with each other but to listen to what they eac...

“TAP into Summer” strives to change Monroe County schools

The Tap into summer website showing students gathered in discussion about political issues occurring in the world.

Jasmyn Sanchez, Editor in Chief

February 13, 2020

Religion. Politics. Identity. Gender. Race. Those are only a few of the topics that the SHS club “The Acceptance Project” members have discussed at their meetings. They will continue to explore these topics at the 2020 county-wide summer camp, “TAP into Summer.” The Acceptance Project founder and preside...

WIN FREE tickets to see sensational band “Fitz and the Tantrums”

WIN FREE tickets to see sensational band

Taha Vahanvaty, Staff writer

February 4, 2020

"Out of my Leauge", "Handclap", "The Walker". These are only a few of the viral songs created by neo-soul band "Fitz and the Tantrums".  And they are coming to play, right here at the Sherman Theater on Sunday, February 16. Fitz and The Tantrums were founded by Michael Fitzpatrick in 2008 when...

More teachers of color would benefit SASD students

Mrs. Nadine Edwards works with student Kaela Van Horn in her Fundamentals of Math class at Stroudsburg High School.

Taha Vahanvaty, staff writer

January 30, 2020

Every single year, Stroudsburg's student body has become increasingly more diverse as has the student body of public schools across the country.  In 1994, two-thirds of public school students were white; by 2016, fewer than half were.   Yet, while the number of teachers of color has grown, the racial...

Uigher Muslims threatened with genocide in China

Junior Yasmine Alrefai looks up at a recent headline featuring protests against the Chinese imprisonment of Uigher Muslims.

Cassandra Oppelt and Taha Vahanvaty

January 21, 2020

Uighur. Pronounced wee-ghur. It’s a word that is most likely alien to the tongue and minds of most students in Stroudsburg High. The Uighurs are an ethnic minority that currently resides within the western region of Xinjiang, China. They are a Muslim minority numbering around two million, with ...

What does Christmas mean to today’s society?

Many people put up  nativity Christmas lights during the holiday season.

Taha Vahanvaty, Staff writer

December 19, 2019

The Christmas vibe is impossible to ignore while walking down Main Street this time of year. Whether it’s the new Starbucks coffee cup design or KFC’s new Christmas Dinner Box, the festivities not only fill the air, but also our coffee and food. But while walking the same sidewalk on Main Street, s...

Mountaineer Rap Battles Episode 1: Lanfrank v. Pfieffer

Mountaineer Rap Battles Episode 1: Lanfrank v. Pfieffer

Taha Vahanvaty, staff writer

December 13, 2019


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