SHS creates Diversity Program to celebrate cultures

Mehrin Hossain, Staff Writer

SHS continues to focus on acceptance, diversity, and love.

The SHS staff committee has created the Diversity Program. This program is focused on making students and staff more aware of different countries and cultures around the world.  The events and activities are already underway and will continue throughout the rest of school year.

“We need to be better in a lot of ways when we look at diversity,” said Mr. Jeffrey Sodl, SHS principal.

During the morning announcements, information about a country and its culture is being shared. 

Also, there is a contest, in which students have the opportunity to decorate their homeroom door in the spirit of the country they are assigned.

Every Friday, music from a chosen culture is being featured between classes.

“Students from different cultures do not feel like their voices are heard,” said Sodl.

The Diversity Program committee would like to carry the program over to next year, as well. They would like more input from students, so they will soon be sending out a survey to the entire student body.

A few ideas the committee has already been exploring for next year are cultural days, cultural food offerings in the cafeteria, and much more.