First-Aid classes prepare students to save lives

Students can earn official CPR certification


Eric Card III, Staff Writer

Stroudsburg High school has a class that allows students to become certified in CPR. This class is taught by physical education teacher Ms. Sarah Davis.  She is also a certified instructor for the Red Cross.

For this class, there are two different courses. First-Aid 1 and First-Aid 2. 

“In First-Aid 1,  I usually have about 100 to 120 kids, which is the class you get certified for,” said Davis. There are typically about 75 students enrolled in First-Aid 2.

“First-Aid 2 just picks up where First-Aid 1 stops. With more focus on the anatomy of the athlete and more specific injuries.”

In both courses, students are very hands-on. They work with Anne Dolls where they perform chest compressions, rescue breaths, and work with a partner to perform choking care. 

Students also work on various projects, such as group work and an online simulation where they try to save people in many different high-risk situations.

The skills students learn in this class are critical and can save someone’s life one day. Davis provided an example of how First Aid can do this on any given day at SHS.

“If somebody in the school is choking during lunch, there are kids that know how to save them,” said Davis.

On top of learning how to perform CPR and how to save someone from choking, students also learn how to take care of minor injuries, such as wrapping a wrist or an ankle. 

A message from Ms. Davis to the students from Stroudsburg High school:

“Take the class! This class would teach you how to save someone’s life,” she said. Davis continued by saying, “I hope they’re never in the position where they have to save them, but if they are, they will be prepared.” 

This class teaches students what to do in case of an emergency and it is a great life skill to learn. 

This course is an elective that students may choose during scheduling in the spring, starting with First-Aid 1. 

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