Senior Anthony Wong composes song for Hall of Fame concert

Senior Anthony Wong composes song for Hall of Fame concert

Lauren Bruckstein, Staff Writer

Each year, the SHS Orchestra, Choir, and Concert Bands perform a song together at the annual Hall of Fame Concert. This yearai??i??s (2017) song, Now Iai??i??m Free, Ai??was written by SHS senior Anthony Wong, who participates in all three music ensembles — Orchestra, Choir, and Band.

Wong began his passion for writing music as a sophomore after being inspired by another student, 2015 graduate Abbey Lantz. Wong played the cello in Lantzai??i??s song ai???The Emergence,ai??? which was played at the 2015 Hall of Fame Concert.

ai???It was so inspiring to hear over two hundred kids cooperate and play in complete said Wong. He wanted to create Now Iai??i??m Free to ai???recreate the harmony and inspiration Abbey Lantz gave me [Wong].ai???

Creating a song for all three ensembles was a long process. Wong began creating Now Iai??i??m Free the summer of 2016. ai???I worked on it sporadically. Sometimes I’d put it off for a few weeks at a time and then do it for a whole day,ai??? said Wong. He was able to finish creating Now Iai??i??m Free about a month into the 2016-17 school year.

ai???I tried to make the song good for everyone. There are classical influences, but it also has a pop feel,ai??? said Wong, ai???I wanted to make this song to give everyone in band, choir, and orchestra a common goal and something to work together

Wong shared the steps he took toward composing such a large piece. ai???I brainstormed while messing around on my Ai??piano until I got an idea in my head. I made a melody and chords, wanting to create a memorable said Wong.

Wong continued to write the basic structure of his song on paper. He then wrote out the notes on Sibelius, one of the most popular music notation softwares in the world. The string and choir sections were written first, following with the bandai??i??s part.

ai???Learning about every instrument and how they work was the most challenging thing. They all have different ranges and I had to ask around to see what was comfortable for different people to do,ai??? Wong said, ai???It helps that I play several instruments, so I was comfortable with a good amount of

Wong had previous experience writing and conducting music, writing the song Winter Season Ai??for the Stroudsburg Junior High School Orchestra. ai???Ever since then, I regularly composed pieces, several of which have been performed publicly. I believe the more you write music, the better you get at it,ai??? said Wong.

Wong plans to minor in music at Washington and Lee University, while majoring in either pharmacy or neuroscience.

ai???My favorite part about making the song was allowing me to exercise everything I’ve learned about music theory and history and turn it into an actual song, ” said Wong. “It’s great I had a chance to apply all this studying to a real application.”
To hear the ensembles perform Now Iai??i??m Free as well as other songs, attend the upcoming Hall of Fame concert! It will be held in the Stroudsburg High School auditorium on May 31.