The weather can directly affect one’s mood and attitude


Amy Conboy, Staff Writer

Waking up to the grey sky and rain drops on the window, or waking up to the beaming sun and birds chirping. Two very different pictures.

Every day the weather fluctuates and changes, and it can affect everyone’s mood in a variety of ways.

According to Marison Bernstein, a writer from Bustle, a lack of sunlight can cause Seasonal Affective Disorder. Appropriately known as SAD, this mood disorder usually affects people from October through April when daylight becomes more scarce. When exposed to less sunlight, a person’s body produces more melatonin, the hormone which makes one feel sleepy. This is an example of how weather affects people.

The weather affects students in Stroudsurg high as well.

“When I wake up and see the sun I know it’s going to be a good day!” said junior, Emily Banachefski.

Junior, Kalin Duke, expresses her feelings about the weather: “When it is rainy outside I feel less motivated to do everyday things and I feel tired.”

Everyone can relate to these feelings. When students walk into school on a sunny June day, everyone seems to be happy and smiling. When they walk into school on a dark rainy day, they tend to be quiet and dull.

Research has shown that when it gets dark and cloudy, people have the tendency to feel more lonely, sad, and have a lower self esteem. Nearly 30% of people would prefer to be in the cold and nearly 60% of people would agree that they like the heat better. This means most people are more happy when Mr. Sun comes shining through.

It has been suggested that when it is sunny, people help others more, remember more things, and enjoy life. However when it is cold, rainy and dark, it doesn’t only make people sadder, but it affects their eating habits which relates to their moods also. On a rainy day, studies show that more individuals are going to cave in to unhealthy eating habits.