Gamers Edge


Ryan Serbin, Staff Writer

Founded in 2012, owners Jared Acosta and Robin Kessler have been operating Gamerai??i??s Edge with one thing in mind: serving Stroudsburg by selling all sorts of entertainment in different forms.

Gamerai??i??s Edge sells all games and consoles ranging from more recent systems such as the Xbox 360, to even obscure pieces such as the Magnavox Odyssey.

Gamer’s Edge is also a major specialist in card games. Card games such as Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh still have a following, even since its airing on Cartoon Network in 2001.

But the main seller in the card games is Magic the Gathering, or known as MtG. MtG was created by Richard Garfield in the early 90s, and still has a wild streak in terms of popularity. In fact as of 2015, Magic had close to 20 million players.

Gamer’s Edge also sells a large assortment of comic books ranging from the early 80ai??i??s, to issues released several weeks ago. The assortment also ranges from different publishers such as DC, Marvel, Image, Valiant, IDW, and even Dark Horse.

Considering how the superhero genre has become massively popular over the last few years thanks to the introduction of Marvelai??i??s ai???Cinematic Universeai???, the rise of popularity in comic books is also what makes Gamerai??i??s Edge popular with comic fans.

Gamer’s Edge is very different from the average game shop such as GameStop. When asked about the advantages of going to Gamer’s Edge over a store like GameStop, Kessler had this to say: ai??? We have better prices, tables to play board games, TVai??i??s for people to play games on, and most of all, a communityai???,

In addition, the store also holds gaming competitions almost daily, giving shoppers and players the ability to try out their products. Also interviewed were the usual customers at the store. In fact, when being interviewed, ai???Magicai??? players Kohl Titman and Alex Conrad were busy trying out some cards they had just purchased.

When asked why they prefer ai???Magicai??? compared to other card games, Conrad had this to say:ai???there’s a lot of variety, endless fights, and is also one of the most pioneering card games ever madeai???. Another regular that was interviewed was Junior Zuri Debradley, who was also asked about why people should go to Gamer’s people are great,they are also willing to help you out when looking for stuffai???.

If you want to be able to find a place that ranges from old PlayStation 1 games, to ai???Magic”, and with a staff that is willing to help find what you need, then Gamer’s Edge is a great place to hangout.