Ms. Halladay wears many hats at SHS

Halladay copies documents, scans images, files paperwork, maintains machines, and more


Nicole Schmitt

Ms. Halladay is a vital part of Stroudsburg High School.

Nicole Schmitt, Staff Writer

Ms. Mari Halladay may be known best as the copy lady at SHS, but she is that and a lot more. Her job is also known as Secretary II, Photo Imaging.

Halladay describes her daily job at SHS.

“I make lots of copies for all of the teachers in each department,” said Halladay. “The teachers have to fill out a form and I run the copies, I also make copies for Morey Elementary school as well,” said Halladay.

“I also make copies for plays, athletic activities, and the handbooks for teachers at the beginning of the year,” said Halladay.

Making copies is just one of the many jobs that Halladay faces each day. 

“If anybody has mail that needs to go out, I have a postage machine and then I give it to the mailman.”

When Halladay is not making copies or taking care of the mail, she can be found scanning various documents.

“I scan documents for teachers who need to use it virtually,” said Halladay. 

Sometimes Halladay even has to play the role of a maintenance technician.

“Sometimes I have to troubleshoot the machine for minor repairs and I am also in charge of a teacher’s machine in the office,” said Halladay.

Halladay’s job changed drastically when the pandemic started. Everything is mostly virtual now. In fact, just a few years ago, she was constantly making copies for teachers, administrators, and more.  Now, only about 5% of the requests are paper copies.  The rest is digital.

“For a while I wasn’t making any copies because of the pandemic,” said Halladay. “Everything was scanning and virtual.” said Halladay. “It’s picking up now again.”

Being alone in the copy room all day can sometimes get a bit tedious.  Halladay looks forward to seeing staff members from time to time.

“When the teachers visit to pick up their copies, I like little chats throughout the day with everybody,” said Halladay. 

Another way Halladay beats the isolation sometimes is by baking for the staff from time to time.

“Ms. Halladay bakes delicious treats,” said English teacher Mr. Matt Sobrinski. “When she sends an email notifying the staff that she has baked for us, I can pretty much guarantee that I am the first person in line to claim my goodies.”

It’s fair to say that Ms. Halladay plays an important role at SHS.  Her services are a huge help to the entire staff.  She is always willing to help. All one has to do is stop by her room and ask.