Mrs. Weber takes students on a tour of SHS traditions


Olivia Beebe, Staff Writer

Nobody represents this school with as much pride as our very own Mrs. Alma Weber. Weber has been a member of this school for 52 years. She was a part of the 1960 graduating class and has been an office secretary for the last 48 years. Ai??She is also on the committee that organizes the 50+ anniversary of the graduates of SHS. Ai??

ai???I think my blood does bleed Weber said, in a recent interview with the entire Mountaineer newspaper staff.

Weber arguably knows more about this school than anyone who has worked here. She has seen many traditions come and go. She believes traditions are important, and expressed her sadness at the loss of certain ones.

ai???One tradition I would like to see come back is on a Friday after school. We would all go outside as a student body and watch the flag come down,” said Weber.

While she misses certain traditions, such as the Turkey Day Game, she still serves the building with just as much heart.

ai???Itai??i??s like my second she said in closing. ai???Itai??i??s just a part of my life. I canai??i??t picture myself doing anything else.”