Could Artist Lose Jobs To AI In The Upcoming Future?


The fear of losing a job is something people think of on a daily basis, but a robot taking over a job is usually something seen in a science fiction novel.  For one career group, this could be nonfiction: Artists.

This ‘robot’ art started about a year ago when social media blew up with random pictures made by a website called OpenAI. These photos were remarkable and newsworthy for one simple reason: they weren’t made by a human.

An artificial intelligence (AI) program named DALL-E produced this art, which could be threatening artists’ jobs.

But by now, with a name like DALL-E, you may connect it to the beloved Pixar robot “WALL-E” but this technology is much more frightening.

DALL-E has the ability to take a few keywords or phrases and turn them into a picture of any style or object you want.

It can make anything from a photorealistic photo of a bear riding a bike on the moon, to a renaissance painting of your favorite cartoon character.

This is where the problem arose between the artist and these AI image generators.

Artists say it hinders art since this software takes from artists who already created art when forming these images.

But after many artists came out exposing these websites like Stability AI and more. they quickly added an Opt-Out feature in which an artist could request to take their art out of these programs

“It’s like someone who already robbed you saying, ‘Do you want to opt out of me robbing you?’” says Karla Ortiz, an illustrator, and board member of CAA.

But Stability AI’s CEO, Emad Mostaque, argues that the data used to train and teach Stable diffusion didn’t have an Opt-Out feature, but it “was very much a test model, heavily unoptimized on a snapshot of images on the internet.”

He stated that new models are trained on fresh image sets, on top of requested artist commissions.

The damage had already been done to all of these artists that had their work used or taken.

Another objection the art community has towards these Websites is the Blatant publication of these services that lets anyone make beautiful, breathtaking art.

There is another argument towards this topic, being that this is the future of “The Creative Arts” and nothing will stop the endless progression of technology & Artificial Intelligence.

“Being that there are so many mediums that technology has advanced, why should we stop at art?”

— SHS junior Samuel Lendof.

Another Point that is brought up is that new advancements in Artificial intelligence technology could bring art into places and to people that it couldn’t reach before.

People that have trouble writing or drawing may have led them to think that they couldn’t get into art before. These websites make it easy to make something beautiful with just a few words and phrases. 

Who can say that they shouldn’t be able to enjoy the luxury of art even if they don’t make it with their own hands? 


These are a Few examples of what AI art can do.